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May 8, 2007


To whom it may concern:


We have known Dave Smith and been associated with Rock Mountain Home & Paint over the last year.


We were not satisfied with the level of quality that our general contractors previous painter had delivered in some of homes we had viewed, so we were looking for referrals. The dentist I worked with recommend Dave with Rocky Mountain Home & Paint who had done a wonderful job finishing his home's lower level.


We interviewed  Dave of Rocky Mountain Home & Paint Company and viewed some homes they had done and some they were in the process of doing. They were able to provide customer referrals and provided competitive bids. We hired them on to paint the entire house, stain & color match wood trim: case, base, windows, doors, cove & crown moldings. We also had some custom work: all cherry, built in library, kitchen hood & window valance, and three custom fireplace mantels. With all of these special projects Dave & Rocky Mountain were able to match the stain color, lacquer finish to the cabinetry thought out the house. As our experience, trust, and admiration of Dave and his company's skill & talents grew …we added on additional work including faux finishing of curved base & crown moldings. It looks like real wood in color, texture, and grain patterns. They did a great job. We also had our garage painted and floor epoxy painted.


Dave & Rocky Mountain Home & Paint went the extra mile to listen and hear exactly what we wanted and went forward to achieve those results. His staff was trustworthy, honest, caring, polite, and sensitive to doing a job well done. They all provided a high quality of work.  In addition they were very accommodating to other trades working at the same time, which is challenging but were able to keep focus and pace.


Dave has an excellent working knowledge of his trade. He understands woods and the various types of woods with each of their maturing & aging process.  He was able to chorograph the ageing process of cherry with pine and alder to stain according so that the wood would mature (darken) and come together as a harmonious blend of color.  Dave and his staff have a good eye for color in stain & paints to assist in color selection. They have vision and with that gift can achieve the results you are looking for.


Over the years, I have come to realize that there are certain essential characteristics necessary for success in any given profession; honesty, integrity, trust, diligence, high standard of quality and a determination to do an excellent job.   I believe Dave Smith and his staff at Rocky Mountain Home & Paint possess such attributes. This company would be an asset to any project and receives our highest personal endorsements.


Sondra & Thomas