Rocky Mountain Home and Paint
Interior Repaint and Faux Referral

February 13, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:


My intention of writing this letter is to inform you about hthe quality of work David Smith, Rocky Mountain Home & Paint, will provide for you.  David Smith had been recommended to me as a quality painter.  After speaking with other recommendations, and price quoting, I decided to put my trust in David Smith.  The first project was to paint all the walls on my main level and to add stripes in my dining room.  I not only wanted stripes, I also wanted faux finishing.  The second project was to paint the master bedroom and bathroom.  David added enough color to contrast on two walls, and faux finishing around the windows. 


My husband and I could not be more pleased.  If you are looking for quality work, professionalism, someone who cares about the final result, we highly recommend David Smith. 


If you are interested in contacting us, David has our number. 


Thank you,


Pete & Tia