Rocky Mountain Home and Paint
Builder Referral

September 22, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:


Here at All In One Contractors we take pride in the quality of our work.  In turn, we only work with top notch sub-contractors.  Over the years, we have had a very difficult time finding a quality painter.  Our definition of quality being someone who first and formost does what they say they're going to do.  Not only does RMH&P meet the expectations, but the quality of thier work (both paint and stain) is extraordinary.


There were some very difficult decisions to make reguarding our study.  We had multiple species of wood within our study including the french doors and Dave matched all of the stain perfectly.  Also, our trim crew had gotten glue on our Waines Coating and in turn it needed to be sanded from its original stain color in certain places.  Given that 85% of the Waines Coat had stain on it still, the trim crew assured me that the stain would not be able to be matched to its original color and that all of the Waines Coating would need to be replaced; however, Dave with Rocky Mountain assured me that he could match it and that staining was his specialty.


We decided to go ahead and let Dave conquer this huge mess that we were in and the stain turned out perfect!  This is definately his forte!  Dave not only matched the stain but has done some incredible faux work for us as well.  He has an artist's touch.


Dave was incredible with his attention to detail as well as his puncuality and we would be happy to refer him to potential clients.  





All in One Contractors 

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